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Training Supplements ] Kale – Its Nutritional and Health Benefits By Tish McCrea

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Although kale is gaining its well deserved attention, there are still some people out there who will look confused when you mention the word. Kale is a leafy green vegetable that is mildly earthy and slightly bitter in flavor. It is most commonly eaten sauteed or in soups, but more and more people are eating it raw as part of a salad or as a dehydrated chip.

Kale is a vegetable that is packed with nutrient rich photochemicals and health promoting benefits. Kale is rich in calcium, lutein, vitamin C, A, E and K, and tons of beta-carotene. Loaded with fiber, kale is a superior vegetable by any standards.

It is not very well known that kale actually has a very high amount of organic sulfur. Scientists have discovered that this sulfur compound has shown to increase the body's detoxifying enzymes which, in turn, protect the cell DNA. This detoxification via this sulfur compound clears out potentially carcinogenic substances from the body. When kale is eaten and digested, it stimulates the liver to release enzymes that perform this detoxification of the blood. Wow, a vegetable that is able to clean the blood. Kale really is a superstar.

It is important to mention that raw kale is considerably higher in nutrients than cooked kale is. The cooking process actually causes the vegetable to release some of its nutrients and also destroys some of its vital enzymes. Consider eating raw or dehydrated kale if you want the most health benefits.

Kale is a member of the cabbage family and is available year round in the supermarket. It is best to buy organic grown kale instead of conventionally grown kale. Conventionally grown kale is highly sprayed with pesticides that are not completely rinsed off and are linked to many health problems.

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