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Who I Am     Training SupplementsAfter the Accidents      (Training Supplements)

I was a Good Runner in my Youth, but was taken out from competition  because of injuries in sports. Later had a car accident that's gave me a herniated disc in my lower back . But than later in life had another car accident that fixed my back and rekindle my passion for running, and running competitive.

What I do    Training Supplements

I run and training a lot,  with the GOAL of  being an Elite Runner. I started taking Organic supplements to help my body recover faster and to reach higher levels of competition,and in seeing the results they had  in me. I have the need to share this information with as much people as I can.

I been writing  and putting information about what or how Supplements can help.  But Instead of Guessing the nutrition one needs whether it for training and /or Weight Management  or Just to life Healthier. I Promote ''Genetic Test'' which are

Weight Management test                                      (Training Supplements)
Nutritional Needs Genetic Test                (Training Supplements)
Heart health Genetic Test     (Training Supplements)
Bone Health Genetic Test     (Training Supplements)

Because people have different needs! So what works for Me, maybe not work for you...

Why I Do It       (Training Supplements)

I do this to help people to live a healthier lifestyle and to help people seek out their dreams.

How To Connect With Me ( Best Healthy You)
Training Supplements
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I want to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please go to my 'Contact' page and send me a message.



     (Training Supplements)



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