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A grape seed extract supplement is extracted from red grape seeds. Countless health advantages are attributed to this red grape which is also used to create red wine. These same red grapes are turned into red wine that the French have been drinking for decades. The French have a usual diet high in fat, yet you will barely find a Frenchman who suffers from heart disease. Experts think this is because they drink a lot of red wine. Grape seed extract supplement suppliers are aware of this and advertise their pills as cancer and heart problems solutions.

I've been actually attracted with this supplement that is beginning to flood the advertise these days. We have a history of heart problems, diabetes and cancer in our family. It looks like we have all the main ailments in our lineage and I'd like to be more watchful about them. Every person wants to live long healthy lives for our kids despite the fact we will all die soon enough. If it will make me live a longer vigorous life, I think I'd be attracted in taking this grape seed extract supplement. Our atmosphere, food and the air we breathe are all contaminated. Cancer, a bad heart and many severe diseases are caused by free radicals in our bodies.

I learned that this grape seed extract supplement can lessen the odds of getting these life threatening ailments. Some studies even say that they can cure or reverse some symptoms if you already have the illness. Red grape seeds, red wine and the fruit are filled with phytochemicals and flavonoids to fight off free radicals. Experts have proven that red grapes, the seeds and grape fruit comprise of one of the best antioxidants known to man. They don't just prevent cancer but also encourages blood flow. Effective blood flow is great for our heart and a good number of other organs.

Many ailments can be eradicated and prevented by good blood flow such as varicose veins, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, leg cramps and lack of feeling of the limbs. Probability of a stroke or heart attack is greatly decreased. A grape seed extract supplement has also been believed to help with eye illnesses that are quite widespread with the elderly such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Another thing it can help with is to minimize the stiffness and pain of people with muscle fybromyalgia. Skin problems caused by fungi can be treated by this supplement, and so can Alzheimer's disease.

The U.S.A. and most of North American countries are beset by heart problems. Doctors in European countries customarily suggest grape seed remedies for a number of ailments. Grape seed extracts can do a lot of good for us if we were just a little more open minded about herbal remedies. These supplements do come from herbal ingredients and were possibly used by ancient people to cure their illnesses. Why can not we do the same thing with a grape seed extract supplement? I am going to try this thing and see why it is so trendy in Europe. We cannot binge on red wine but we can use a supplement that will have the same effect of years of drinking wine.

I'm ready to test a grape seed extract supplement. It's actually so overwhelming that it can cure and prevent so many ailments. The strong antioxidants can make us live longer fuller lives that is free from heart disease and cancer. It boosts eyesight, strengthens blood vessels, lowers bad cholesterol and even improves flexibility of joints to prevent arthritis. If applied to the skin, it removes flaws and improves skin tone. Blood sugar is lowered in diabetics and grape seed extract supplement can combat bacterial and viral infections. I heard that doctors are also trying to establish that it can also avert liver cirrhosis. I believe this is wonder drug that originates from nature.

Sandy Cole loves the herbal supplement industry.

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Antonio' comments on Training Supplements: I thought  this article was well written  and it has a lot of insightful information,  Grape Extract are great for (training Supplement). For runners ...   I like how it Protect from cellular stress, free radical protection,normal cell growth, heart heslth  and skin health.


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[Training Supplements] Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice By Martin Shipovnik


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Asparagus juice can be very stimulating when there is a long and strenuous mental work ahead of us. Due to the high content of folic acid, asparagus is the perfect food for pregnant women or women who are planning to expand their family. Folic acid helps before and during pregnancy, and prevents major birth defects.

Asparagus Ingredients

Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin C, B2 and B6. Those are the vitamins that beneficially affect the general health of the body, and aid the normal heart function. Apart from the micro nutrients, 100 grams of fresh asparagus contains 20 calories, 2.20 grams of protein, 3.88 grams of carbohydrate, 0.12 grams of fat, 2.10 grams of cellulose and 93.22 grams of water.

Asparagus improves digestion and helps with constipation. It is considered to be a natural diuretic, as well as a means to relieve PMS, arthritis, high blood pressure and weak capillaries. It contains one of the most powerful antioxidants - glutathione (GSH). GSH is a very potent anti-carcinogen that protects the skin from malignancy.

In old China, some 3000 years ago, asparagus was used as medicine against coughs and ulcers. It was also used to alleviate pain and swelling in the legs. In France, asparagus was applied as a tool for breaking up kidney stones. It has long been known to possess strong aphrodisiac properties.

The Alkaloid Asparagine

As we have seen, asparagus contains a number of beneficial ingredients, but one of them - asparagine - is found in relatively high concentrations. Asparagine belongs to the group of chemical compounds called alkaloids. Alkaloids are metabolic products of many living organisms, but they are mostly abundant in the plants. The majority of them are alkaline and contain nitrogen atoms.

Asparagine is a non essential amino acid (protein). However, it is established that the nervous system requires it for proper functioning. If not taken directly, our body is capable of synthesizing asparagine on its own. Even though it need not be present in the diet, it is desirable to get it along with the other vital nutrients from the asparagus juice. If asparagus is not taken as raw ingredient, the nutritive value of asparagine is lost. This means that the only way to ensure maximum health benefit is to prepare asparagus juice.

Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice

If prepared as juice, asparagus can be very useful as a diuretic. It should be combined with some carrot juice - otherwise it is unusually strong and could have an sudden impact on the functioning of the kidneys.

When consumed moderately and gradually it can help with some kidney dysfunctions. The positive effect are due to the impact of the nutritive components of asparagus juice on the breaking up of the oxalic stones in the kidneys and muscular system.

It is also very good in regulating problems with the glandular system, (prostate gland) and rheumatism. Consuming large quantities of meat and various meat products can lead to generating excessive metabolic products such as urea. These, in turn, can be the root cause of rheumatism and similar dysfunctions. It also puts a burden on and affects the normal function of the excretion organs.

It is recommended that anemic persons and convalescents take a lot of asparagus juice. Some people use asparagus as juice in order to ease diabetes, but in these cases it should be used in conjunction with other more specific healthy drinks.

Asparagus juice is an excellent drink. However, due to its potency, one should consider mixing it with other types of healthy juices, such as carrot juice, carrot juice mixes, or beet juice.

Martin Shipovnik is a coauthor and webmaster of the web portal

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Antonio' comments on Training Supplements:  I enjoyed this article a lot! I would like to say WOW! I really like that it has the vitamins that beneficially affect the general health of the body  , great information on Asparagus(training Supplement) .

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[Training Supplements]Nutrition, Calories and Health Benefits of Apples By Ari G

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Apples are one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. The commercially popular variety is crisp, soft and has a very colorful skin. Apples are consumed as a raw fruit or as apple juice mostly but are also used as an ingredient in desserts and candy. Apple pies are one of the favorite, yummy desserts most of us love to eat.

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". A proverb reflecting the health benefits of this great fruit. Apples are known for their ability to reduce the risk of several cancer types including colon cancer, lung and prostate cancer. The high amount of dietary fiber present in apples are responsible mostly in reducing the risk of colon cancer which can even cause death if not treated properly at early stages.

Apples do not contain ANY cholesterol. The fiber, help in controlling cholesterol by preventing or reducing re-absorption. Research has shown that apples are good for heart patients and also can be helpful for people who are trying to lose weight.

Apples contain Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and C. Also contains vital minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Calories in apple: Compared to some fruits, apples contain a relatively high amount of calories. 100g of apple will contain about 218 Kilo Jules of energy. Regardless of the calories, all the other health benefits and essential nutrients apples can provide us, apples are one of the best, easily obtainable and recommended fruit to be part of your everyday diet.

For a more detailed report on "Calories In An Apple" and "Calories In Fruit" you can visit the Everything Calories Blog.

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Antonio' comments on Training Supplements:  I enjoyed this article By   Ari G   , great information on Apples.

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Training Supplements ] Kale: 101

Ruunner1's  Training Supplements post on the day on Kale



Antonio' comments on Training Supplements:  I Like the information on this video... for more information see post below on Kale.


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Get the True Folic Acid Benefits By John Gibb

Folic acid is one of the B vitamins and it is necessary for the production of red blood cells and normal metabolism. It is an important vitamin for pregnant women as it can prevent the occurrence of birth defects and prevents infant spinal cord defects - for example Spina bifida.

Folic acid may also help other conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, arthrosclerosis, heart disease, and diarrhea. It can also be helpful in treating epilepsy gingivitis, gout, and cancer - the risk of getting it is reduced.

Folic Acid Benefits

One of the best benefits of Folic Acid is for women who are trying to fall pregnant, and those who are pregnant. Folic Acid helps with the healthy development of the fetus, and can help to prevent conditions such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects that are known as devastating conditions.

To be honest, folic acid benefits go much further than just pregnancy. Folic Acid helps with keeping your heart healthy. The nutrient helps lower homocysteine levels; having high homocysteine impairs blood vessels, which, results in the arteries being vulnerable to the formation of plaque.

This can lead to a higher risk of one getting heart disease. It also known that, people who have trouble with depression, may find folic acid helpful because depression is associated with raised levels of homocysteine.

Further Folic Acid benefits in clued a feeling of energy, and it is known that this nutrient may help counter and combat Alzheimer's disease.


Folic acid can have some serious side effects if to much is taken every day. Dangerous levels of consumption are between 5,000 to 10,000 mcg. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) stands at 400 mcg per day, however certain people (especially pregnant women, those trying to conceive and the elderly) may need more of this particular nutrient in their diets.

Another point people need to consider is that taking Folic Acidi as a supplement can hide serious deficiency symptoms of vitamin B12 (anemia). Take a look at this we came cross in the following encyclopedia "New Encyclopedia Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, & Herbs" by Nicola Reavley "Large amounts of folic acid can mask anemia caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency. Although this is rare, in some cases it may lead to permanent nerve damage." pg. 108

Because of this statement, the author of the book advises that people with anemia should not take more than 400 mcg of folic acid per day unless pernicious amenia is first ruled out by your doctor.
Some people suggest that Folic Acid should not be consumed as a stand alone supplement and taken with vitamin B12 or as part of a more comprehensive formula where not only b12 are used, but other important vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids.

Lets take a look at an example from, Reader's Digest book "The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs" contains: Buy a folic acid supplement that also contains vitamin B12 (too much of one can mask a deficiency in the other)." pg 293

A deficiency of folic acid could cause some Anemias. The side effects of Folic Acid are rare and are normally due to taking high dosages of the nutrient. If any change occurs after starting a regimen of folic acid, contact your physician immediately. If necessary, go to an emergency facility for evaluation.

Precautions and allergic reactions from Folic Acid

Allergic reactions however, can be serious. Some signs of severe allergic reactions include rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, and breathing difficulties. If you note anything that is not usual for you, seek medical attention right away.

Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should consult their doctors before using this nutrient.

In recent news, reported is a unique piece of information that has been put out there that may be of interest to women who want to get pregnant. Folic acid, when taken after fertility treatment (invitro fertilization) may raise the odds of producing twins. While this is possible with other fertility treatments, it has been recently found to occur with folic acid.

Our Opinion

We believe many vitamins are best consumed through food sources; however, Folic Acid is not one of these nutrients. The nutrient is easily destroyed and the value of the nutrient is lessened by cooking or storage. On top of this, the human body doesn't store the nutrient for very long. This is why we need to take this nutrient daily to keep on top. Because of what we have said, many experts suggest that supplements should be incorporated in to ones diet for one of the best sources of folic acid benefits, and also, for those people who need more of this nutrient.

There are still good food sources for Folic Acid however, which include, whole grains, various beans, and green vegetables.

On a final note, many foods today are fortified with this vitamin, although they are not the best sources and are far from natural sources.

Our Tips For Obtaining The Best Folic Acid Benefits

1. Nutritional have become unregulated. Studies have shown that consumers of health products only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product with the amount of ingredients stated on the label. Also, Products have been found to have dangerous contaminates in them.

Because of this, you should choose a manufacturer that is pharmaceutical GMP compliant. Such places comply with the most stringent manufacturing standards. This ensures you get a product with the stated ingredients, and also, ensures that there are no contaminants within your chosen product

The product we personally use called Total Balance, which also contains Folic Acid - is the best supplement we have come across. We have been using this supplement for over 3 years with excellent health results.

We highly reccomend you learn more about our best natural nutritional supplement if you are interested in improving your overall health.

John Gibb runs a series of health websites, We offer a free health book for subscribers to our websites newsletter. We cover everything you need to know on nutrition and how to improve your general overall health. Check out our nutrition e-book, for more information on our nutrition book.

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Antonio's Comments on Training Supplents:  I like this article by John Gibb, its has more information then the video I posted about Folic Acid.

Taking A Magnesium Supplement Can Increase Your Energy Massively! By Shelby Conques

If you are one of those people who struggle to find any sort of energy to get yourself up and alert during the day, you could be suffering from a magnesium deficiency! In order for our bodies to become alert and energetic, we need to be giving our cells the right nutrients. If we don't give them just that, then they won't function well, thus resulting in us becoming lethargic and lacking in energy! Having a lack of energy in our daily life's can cost people badly. I have known a couple individuals who lost their jobs because they couldn't find the energy to get out of bed on time - had they been getting enough magnesium in their diet, I'm sure that wouldn't have been the unfortunate case. But the question is - where can I get enough magnesium from?

Green leafy vegetables are usually a decent source of magnesium, as well are a variety of nuts and seeds. Unless you want to be eating a ton of this type of food every single day, you probably won't get all the magnesium into your diet that is required. An alternative option would be to take a magnesium supplement a couple times a day. The great thing about magnesium supplements are that they give you all you the magnesium you need and more. Even better, they are easy to take and can enter your bloodstream relatively quickly - depending on which form of supplement you are taking.

If you choose to take a pill type magnesium supplement then you might only be getting a tiny amount of the magnesium contained in that pill. It's unfortunate because the concept of a small little digestible pill to be taken a couple times a day is quite convenient for people who don't have time to find their nutrients else where. However, there is an even better way of getting your daily doses of magnesium. Liquid and oil magnesium are two great ways to get your body full of all the vital nutrients it needs. Pills are OK, but with liquid and oil supplements, the rate in which the magnesium absorbs into your body is much higher, which means our cells get more of what they need, which means we will become more energetic!

If you aren't getting the right amount of magnesium, then you are going to find yourself struggling with a variety of health issues that won't go away very easily. If you start to suffer from frequent headaches, insomnia, irritability, weak bones, lack of energy or even heart problems, then a lack of magnesium in your diet may just be the culprit here. Most of these symptoms can be corrected by gradually increasing the amount of magnesium in your diet - however, if you have any heart related issues, you will need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Topical Magnesium supplements are the revolutionary new products that are sweeping the nation. Get yours today here!

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Antonio's Comments On Training Supplements:  I like this article By Shelby C.  Because It points out how Magnesium can help one become more alert, and even better that liquid  Magnesium can help even more.

The Many Benefits Of Zinc Supplements By Oktay Ozadam


Getting enough zinc can wonders in numerous health conditions. Zinc activates white blood cells to fight infections. It helps protect the body against viruses. Men need zinc for sperm production and to keep the prostate gland healthy. Zinc helps the pancreas make insulin and keep normal sugar levels.

Zinc is essential for good memory. Zinc supplements even help teenagers get better grades in school.

How important is zinc? Zinc is present in every cell in the body. It is a component of over 200 enzymes. There are high amounts of zinc in red blood cells, white blood cells, your bones, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and retina. Men have high concentrations of zinc in the prostate gland. Every cell in the body needs zinc to divide and replace itself when the body makes new tissues.

Here are two lists. One is a list of conditions that can occur when the body does not get enough zinc. The second is a list of conditions that improve due to the benefits of zinc supplements.

Not getting enough zinc can lead to chronic fatigue, dermatitis, diarrhea, hypothyroidism, female infertility, impaired platelet aggregation, insulin resistance, and loss of taste or smell. It can cause reduced resistance to infection, night blindness, poor appetite, poor memory, attention deficit disorder, and reduced learning ability, and it can cause slower growth in children, slow healing of wounds, and infertility in men. Add to this list Acrodermatitis enteropathica, Alopecia, atrophy of the testes, bone loss and osteoporosis, decreased sperm count, decreased sperm motility, delayed puberty, nerve cell problems in Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome, and ringing in the ears.

Among the benefits of zinc supplement is improved immune function. Other benefits of zinc supplements are adding calcium to bones and teeth, lowering blood sugars, helping interferon work in treating hepatitis C, clearing up bacterial prostatitis, and recharging the male sex drive. They can help recovery in brain injury, improve brain function, restore night vision, increase sperm count, and stimulate the libido.

Extra zinc can help bring out weight gain in anorexia nervosa and help children with sickle cell disease. It can even cure bad breath.

Who needs the benefits of zinc supplements? You might be surprised. The United Nations University found that 20% of people worldwide are deficient in zinc. Zinc in supplements is needed to prevent childhood infections and diarrhea and to support normal growth and development.

Think you're safe if you eat a good diet? Think again. Scores of modern medications deplete the body's stores of zinc. Any women who takes the Pill or hormone replacement therapy or medication to prevent osteoporosis is at risk for nutritional deficiency and may need zinc supplements. Heart patients, diabetics, and epileptics also need zinc supplements.

Even some supplements increase the body's need for zinc. Calcium supplements, magnesium supplements, and whey all can interfere with the absorption of zinc. Never take zinc at the same time you take these supplements, and always be sure you are getting enough of the benefits of zinc supplements if you take any supplements for bone health or muscle health.

What about side effects of zinc supplements?

If you take too much zinc, your body will have difficulty absorbing copper. It's OK to take up to 20 mg every 2 hours for as long as 2 weeks to fight a cold, but for everyday nutrition limit your intake to 15 mg a day. Zinc supplements can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, but only if you take about a gram-over 60 times the recommended dose.

How can you tell if you are taking too much zinc?

Here is a simple test. Overdoses of zinc numb your taste buds to bitter flavor and metallic aftertastes. Zinc has a metallic taste. If you can't taste zinc, you don't need to take it! The benefits of zinc supplements are yours with just a small, regular dose.

Find all the information you need on nutritional health supplements . Learn how nutritional supplements benefit your health, and how to choose the right supplements for the maximum health benefits.

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Antonio's Comments on Training Supplements:   I like this article


Vitamin B12 101


Antonio's Comments on Training Supplements:  Been a Run I need to take Vitamin B12 , because of my hard work, and at time not have the time to get it in my diet. I  take natural B complex which has B6, B12 and much more, or some I drink XS energy Drinks which is load with B3,B5,B6 and B12, and NO sugars...Check out the link's below.

NUTRILITE® Natural B Complex - 300 Count

XS® Energy Drink Mixed Case


B-12 Supplement


Antonio's Comments on Training Supplements:  I didnt know where vitamin B came from.  But now I know, and it good to keep a healthy Heart and Making red blood and the formation of the nerves.


Vitamin C Overdose – Is it Possible? By Ashira R

"Excess of anything is bad." This includes Vitamin C. This vitamin is recommended for a supplement in nearly every doctor's office, TV ad, and print ad. However, going beyond the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) can cause severe problems with a persons health. Most believe the body will only use what they need and eliminate the rest. This is not always the case. A Vitamin C overdoes hinders the metabolic activities throughout the entire body.

The RDA is broken down into two separate categories:

Women Men

Non Smoking Smoking Non Smoking Smoking

110 mg 75 mg 125 mg 90 mg

Anything over 200 mg is more than enough to maximize the levels of plasma and lymphocytes. There are times when a body does require additional amounts of Vitamin C. For example, if you are under any type of environmental stress such as a trauma, fever, or any kind of infection. Anything over 500 mg, even with any of the above mentioned environmental factors, will reach any person's maximum saturation rate. Vitamin C is a water - soluble protein and in normal conditions, anything in excess is excreted by the body. When it is not excreted it will cause diarrhea, gas, and stomach cramps at the very least. Other effects can be severe cramps, nausea, and risks for kidney stones.

Major overdoses reduce the bodies level of copper, an essential nutrient. If a person already has an iron abundance disorder, even small doses of Vitamin C can cause severe health risks as Vitamin C increases iron absorption into the system. In Pregnant women it can actually cause infants to develop rebound scurvy when born. Elder people also need to be very cautious with the amount of Vitamin C they take, as they are more prone to develop a toxicity level in the kidneys, resulting in very serious medical issues. The same results of interference with functioning of certain medications are true with patients who have diabetes or high blood pressure.

There is limited research linking Vitamin C overdoes over long periods of time that will lend a patient to be at a higher risk for cancer.

If you believe you may be taking an overdoes amount of Vitamin C, the first must is to contact your medical professional. Never stop taking anything "cold turkey" including Vitamin C, as it may bring on another whole set of issues in the body. The good news is that is is nearly impossible to overdose on Vitamin C from the foods that you eat. So before deciding to take Vitamin supplements, ask yourself and your doctor - Do I really need the extra Vitamin C supplement? Your medical profession will be able to assist you in making the correct decision with you.

Bright blessings,
Ashira is a Practicing Pagan for over 15 years. Currently she is a featured columnist at
The Witches' Child Author
Bacon Bits Author
FFWA Member
Cassel Network of Writers Member

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Antonio's Comments On Training Supplements:  I think this article is very interesting. I had posted another article about overloading on  vitamin C , and how to much Vitamin C can slow down recovery.  So Be sure You dont over load on this Vitamin, or others.  Best thing to do is use a nutrition test and diet test, to know what you need.
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